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Jobmail FAQ

How does this new system with Saved Searches and Jobmail work?

Once you're logged in to the Byron Employment site, any search you save will appear under the Saved Searches tab in the My Byron menu item. Any of these Saved Searches can also have a Jobmail subscription attached, and if you click on the appropriate icon a popup menu will be displayed requesting a few additional details specific to that subscription. Note that you will receive a separate Jobmail email for each subscription that is attached to a Saved Search.

Effectively what we've done is separated out the search criteria from the Jobmail subscription, giving users greater flexibility in saving searches and managing Jobmail subscriptions. It may take a bit of time to get used to it, but we're confident that most users will find it a great improvement on the old system.

I had multiple Jobmails using the #n suffix on my email. How does this work now?

In response to a number of user requests we introduced a feature some time ago that allowed users to have multiple Jobmail subscriptions using the suffixes "#1", "#2" etc on their email address. This feature was always a bit of a hack and has now become redundant with the introduction of Saved Searches and separate Jobmail subscriptions.

If you used this #n feature you will find that for each of your previous Jobmail subscriptions in the old system there is a Saved Search and attached Jobmail subscription under a single user account (email address) in the new system. We trust that you will find this new system easier to manage.

Is JobMail case sensitive?

No, both the email address and all the key word searches are case insensitive.

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