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The Byron Employment Pricing Schedule as of 1st January 2005 is as follows:

Listing of Employment Positions (per month) Price Inc GST
Minimum Monthly Charge $110.00
Postions 1 - 5 $33.00 each
Postions 6 - 10 $27.50 each
Postions 11 - 15 $22.00 each
Postions 16 - 20 $16.50 each
Postions 20 - 25 $11.00 each
Postions 26 - 50 $5.50 each
Postions in excess of 50 No Charge
Maximum Monthly Charge


Additional Offices Positions in excess of
50 in total, $5.50 each, up
to a maximum of $137.50
Maximum Charge for National Coverage



Additional Services

Regular JobMail Service No Charge
Design of Customised Ad Template No Charge
Inclusion of Link on Web Site No Charge
Comprehensive Statistics No Charge
Other Advertising Opportunities  
Banner Advertising $55 CPM
JobMail Advertising $110 per  1000 emails
JobMail Promotion Rights POA
Agency or Employer Profile Page $550 per annum



Existing users of the Byron Employment site will notice a number of changes to the way Jobmail works. Jobmail users now have a password protected account, and changes to Jobmail criteria by logging in to the site. If you have not yet entered a password, you can retrieve one using the Forgot Password page.

Once you've logged in, you'll notice that your Jobmail subscription has been separated into a Saved Search and an associated Jobmail subscription. Registered users can create any number of Saved Searches, which allow you to use the refine your search criteria and use the same ones every time you visit the Byron site. You will only receive a Jobmail email for Saved Searches that you have selected a Jobmail subscription for.